Yellow Barfi

Yellow Barfi

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Our signature Sweet: Yellow Barfi’s has been Fiji’s favorite since the day we started in Ba in late 1920's. If you grew up in Fiji, you surely will know about Bhikhabhai's famous Yellow Barfi. Every cube a rich velvety texture and truly delicious in taste. Bhikhabhai's Yellow Barfi will excite the mood and senses of anyone, anytime, anywhere as a scrumptious desert.

Perfect for gift packs, family occasions and party deserts.

Trivia: We don't know why this colour of this Barfi has been Yellow as it does not represent any flavour such as Pineapple nor do we add any artifical flavouring in any of our products. It has been a tradition since our forefathers so we have continued the trend!

Ingredients: Powdered Milk, Milk, Pure Ghee, Sugar, Water, Food grade colour