Bhikhabhai Gifting within Fiji

Every joyous occasion can be  known for caring and giving, amongst many other humble things and this is why we have created special sweets pack & more with 3 options that you can send as gifts to your loved ones or for Charity within Fiji. We just require 3 days advance of confirmation of order.

Delivery or Pickup

What makes it even sweeter is that you can have it delivered within Vitilevu for as low as $10 ! Or you can have your gifts picked up at any of our Shops locations.

Option 1 – Charity 

We supply your gifts made out in charity to registered charitable or non-profit organisations & these get a special 10% discount on value of goods purchased (excluding courier/ shipping cost) as part of our support towards the worthy effort. We however reserve the right to award these discounts based on the conditions mentioned.

You can also donate to a school, mosque, Temple or NGO for that special celebration or simply sharing your happiness (e.g. a festive celebration such as Eid, Rakshabhandan, Diwali etc). Equally, you can surprise them by showing your support.

Option 2 – Special  Packs

Simply choose a special pack, choose the number of packs you would like to order and where would you like it to sent.

Option 3 – You Choose 

Simply choose what products you wish to gift and you can let your loved ones come to any of our 3 shops at a specified date. Now wouldn’t that solve your loved one of the hassle of making their treats at home! Please visit our products page to view and order the full range.

Option 4 – They Choose

Simply choose how much in Fijian dollars you would like to spend and you can let your loved ones come to any of our 3 stores located in Ba, Nadi and Suva and select whatever they feel like for your gifted value. Now wouldn’t that make the choice of selection even easier! Click here for details.